QGIS Class: Day 4&5 Lesson Plan

QGIS Class Overview

Day 4:


  • I had a access to a smartboard, so I had all of the students gather around (away from their computers) to go over the concepts from Day 3 in a group format. I asked them answer questions about menus and specific purposes of certain functions.

Student Project Work Time

  • Continue with personal project work and one-on-one help.
  • Hopefully all students are ready to print their final map at the end of the day. Since I only had a 8.5×11″ printer in the lab, I opted to have all of the students save a final .tif image at 13×19″ and took it home to print so that they had a larger print to show on Day 5.

Day 5:


  • Day 5 was just 3 hours long, with a show-and-tell being the last hour. Hopefully the projects are all done, so I did an overview of QGIS concepts learned during the week and explored some of the datasets that the students used for their personal projects. Ask questions about processing, labeling, styling, attributes, etc.


  • Parents and others came to the lab and each student presented their project map. I asked them questions about how they processed the data, why they styled it the way they did, what problems they had, etc.


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